Thursday, May 31, 2012

continuing the journey

Not much creating is happening here this week but other important things are getting accomplished. One of the things I was very pleased to do was write a letter in support of Humboldt Art and Culture Days 2012. The Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery is the major planner/coordinator of this event together with the Humboldt Regional Newcomers Center. This event is the second annual for Humboldt and I am very much hoping to be able to participate. Look for more details here over the next months with the "Days" scheduled for September 28 and 29. Culture Days is a Canada wide venture so I will be especially pleased and excited to be part of it.

My other excitement for the week is the announcement of two new Blurb books I recently put together and had published. They are both notebooks with many blank pages interspersed between pages of my own creations - photographs and art journal pages.

"Seasons of my life" contains my own photography with selections from each of the seasons.

With a view from the inside.

"Continuing the journey" contains images of art journal pages I have made. Some are older favourites, while others are quite recent.

With a view from the back

and another from the inside.

***Please remember to click on the photos to enlarge. Also click on the notebook titles to go to a preview for each book and to order your very own copy. If you are from Saskatchewan I can deliver a copy directly depending on my supply. Because of high cost of shipping and handling from the States I would charge $20 or at cost when I am able to get a deal.***

Wishing for all a very happy week of creating, enjoying nature, or whatever is on your journey.
Angel blessings.


Trece said...

They are lovely!! You are such a talented artist.

winnsangels said...

Thanks Trece.

Rita Juse-Cirkse said...

Nice to meet you in the blogosphere! Lovely blog!
And congrats to the new beautiful note books!

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