Wednesday, March 2, 2011

out and about

being out and about in my own community

I was fortunate this past Sunday to have the opportunity to venture into my own community, locally, and display some of my art and share tiny pieces of what I do with people who had absolutely no idea. And they are my neighbours. Many folks recognized me, as I recognized them, from decades ago when I used to be a Public Health Nurse, aerobics teacher, and Nursing Coordinator with Home Care. Some of them were students in my prenatal classes. Sunday was fun. I actually sold just a few pieces of jewellery and I found a new young fan who was so pleased to win a signed copy of my "Autumn Richness" book in a dutch raffle. And the local photographer/reporter was there. She picked up my card. I have a feeling she will be getting to know me much more in the near future as I attempt to become better known in my own neighbourhood.

The pictures are from my display at Diva Kinnection. I also have numerous further possibilities for sales of these items. Some of this jewellery, and numerous of my other creations, will be slowly introduced to my etsy shop as well. So grateful am I to be able to share my art with you.

Angels be with you dear friends.


Dale Anne Potter said...

I am so proud of you Wendy. CONGRATULATIONS on the sales and hope this is the start of many more.

winnsangels said...

Thanks Dale.

Tess said...

Oh your jewelry items are soo pretty. I like how you displayed your items too. It is always great to get to know the people around you. Be sure to have plenty of business cards with you as you go oput and about for those that will recognize you and ask if you have a card with you. Do let us know if you end up in your local newspaper.

winnsangels said...

Thank you Tess. I love doing little vignettes in decorating. Because I had only jewellery it was simple to use all kinds of little odds and ends for making it eye catching. And I learned a few things too for next time. Great advice about the business cards. I do have some now but not with my website stamped on. Part of it is remembering also to hand them out, even if folks are not asking.

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