Friday, March 25, 2011

do I actually ever

complete any of the works in progress? I frequently ask myself. And you may wonder also.

I have high hopes for these turquoise pieces. Actually one is for an exchange so I must complete it. Very soon. But not today or tomorrow. I have a little gathering I plan to attend tomorrow. There will be other artists, perhaps only a few. There will be a chance to visit, a chance to share experiences and creations. There might be an opportunity for showing some of the art to customers and EVEN selling some of it. Unfortunately our weather has been, ummmm, to put it nicely, disgusting. Road and travel conditions have not been good. And so the turnout at the first annual Prairie Earth Crafters Artisan Marlet may not be spectacular. Does not matter to me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to get out. I am pleased to have a chance to visit with like minded people. That does not happen very often in my real life.

These pieces go back to the turquoise theme which I have been toying with the last couple of posts. They are some very tiny canvases which I thought I might complete for tomorrow. Not sure if I still have time to finish them.

The next is an older piece in the same colour theme together with a cd I am altering.

This is the piece I must complete soon for the exchange.

In my last post I mentioned needing practice with painting faces. Drawing and using pencils and charcoal pencil is more familiar to me. I'm thinking these faces are not so bad for some of my early attempts. Of course they are not complete yet either. This one is not quite turquoise but another older one that was very handy. That nasty habit I have, of almost always putting out too much paint, prompted me to work on it as well.

I will be adding many new items to my shop next week. Hoping you will take an opportunity to check back then.
Angels be with you dear friends.

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