Friday, July 9, 2010

some days

some days just feel like everything is asunder. everything topsy turvy. everything kind of day even brought me momentarily a world tipped sideways. what does that mean I wonder? how am I to cope with all the dis comfort, all the dis ease?
it feels that I am grieving so many people - not all dead but just gone.
it feels that I am grieving joy and jovial. they too seem just gone.
it feels that I am grieving nature.
I am tired of grieving.

kitty cat sits beneath legs of my chair. I hear her subtle movement. I find another feather. I carry it with me as I am taking Billy for his walk. it belongs with my collection. that is where I place it. I see angels and colours and sunsets. I hear the dove cooing. a sigh escapes me. I wonder when I might feel like getting back to art. I have played with technology. is that art? it always feels like cheating to me. I know it is not. it feels it is.

I hear the clock tick tock. I see the "I am amazing" sign turn in the breeze. I wonder who I am. I wonder if anyone cares. I know they do but I wonder.

1 comment:

foxysue said...

Hi, I wanted to let you know how surprised I was .... Your words could have been mine! I mean the exact words and thoughts! I walked in my garden this morning and noticed two small bird's feathers and thought how beautiful but then a sadness came over me, the feathers were soft and fluffy a baby's feathers, I realised the bird had probably been eaten, I started to grieve nature.

Embracing polarities can be difficult and I periodically feel overwhelmed by either a stuck sadness on the one hand or an explosion of ideas and wonderment propelling creativity on the other.
It is comforting to know others feel the same.
I love your art!
Hugs and Comfort to you.

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