Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a burst of juiciness

Amidst trying to do final (as if) organization in my creative spaces - I mean what kind of artist would one be if  always organized? I have still been trying to create. I know that "art saves". Of course organizing spaces within which to create can be creative in itself BUT - well I think you understand what I'm trying to say. If not, just skip to the picture.
While I have not been very participative in {ECHO} recently I just could not resist the word juicy. At first I mulled the word around in my brain and thought "everything in Saskatchewan is either grey or white right now." What kind of juiciness can I possibly find? Then I remembered the indoors. WOW! Then the sun was just not shining. How much juiciness might I be able to capture indoors without sunlight? OK already. It is February - very winter in Saskatchewan - no snowdrops, no tulips, no bare earth - outdoors anyway. Then the sun came out - only briefly. My world started to consider the possibilities. I have seen so many fabulous pictures of colour - particularly art supplies. I needed to do it my own way.

a burst of juiciness

With special thanks to Susan and Chrysti for this {ECHO} challenge.


diane said...

Oh, button soup =) Oh, what beautiful colors!

Skye said...

O, sweet!! Makes me want to dive into threads w/ a white piece of linen looking out at white linen landscape!
Thank you for sharing!!!

jackie said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm pleased you are also joining in with the Echo challenges.

bonniebluedenim said...

love the photo.....makes me think of jelly beans...always juicy and yummy!

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