Monday, November 16, 2009


Today's world in which we live is so amazing. Since I have been blogging and vlogging and flickring, I have made so many new friends. You are probably familiar with the little verse about all the friends we encounter. Some of them are only for moments. Some of them are for the rest of our lives.

With the worldwide web this number of people we touch, and are touched by, is huge. One simple little comment on a blog or photograph, marking as a fave, or saying "like", taking time to view someone's video, or participating in a swap, can make that tiny bit of difference in, often, a total stranger's life.

I started writing therapeutically about six years ago. I chose to share all of the writing, with a friend at the time. The question came, "Why did you share them?" My response was:

"Why Did I Share Them?

You asked me a question.
I might have responded with one.

Why did I share them?
A baring of my soul.
But much, much more

Art is to be shared.

I am helper too.
I want others to find
A part of themselves.
A part that may be
Difficult to find.

I want others to recognize
In themselves
A creature
Of strength
That needs to rest
And indulge in self
Not Occasionally.

Why did I share them?
I want to be heard
To share thoughts
I want you to know
My friend
What is inside.

I want you to share more
About yourself.
In talking of this
Maybe more is possible.

Maybe you can see that, truly ~
Things you thought
No longer concern ~

Maybe you can see my pain,
And yours,
More clearly.

Why did I share them?
All is well Friend.
The answer is simple.
God asked me to."

© Wendy B Burton

A time after that, in March of 2006, I started my blog which led to other adventures with visual arts and photography. Being into mixed media, and still loving words, I chose to make my own videos as well. I would never have dreamed that any of my own videos would have reached over 10,000 views.

Flickr ~ I am not certain what to say.

blue glass

I have met such very wonderful friends through flickr. This picture


from an earlier time, and the words I wrote with it, are especially important because of a special friendship I made ~ someone with whom I feel nearly joined at the hip. While Suze and I have never touched each other in the flesh and have not yet been able to look each other in the eye, we have shared many moments, many angels, many hugs, many tears. Angels be with you Suze. I love you.

I also had a very difficult experience which started through flickr. It affected my life also.

a weaker moment

The following picture has been very difficult for me to look at since.

wishing you

I try to look at it though, to remind self that I make mistakes. I am not perfect. However, I must be able to forgive myself as well. I would forgive anyone else, why not myself?


I could probably carry on forever about lives being touched, friends being made. There are just so many instances I could site, so many souls touched.

For today, I would like to share with you my newest dear friend, Patti. I have no recollection of how I came to her blog. You understand ~ so many clicks and there you are. On the day I happened to encounter Patti she was doing a give away. Some spirit danced within me and I typed words which probably never even totally touched my conscience. She asked each commenter to speak of their favourite season. My mind and fingers spun together some tale of which I do not have clear recognition. In my haste I forgot almost totally about Patti and the dates for the give away recipient to be chosen. On another, probably blue, day (so often I forget that I can stand tall)

I Stand Tall

I received the most beautiful e-mail from Patti to say that I had been selected randomly as the give away winner. Since that day, or more likely, the day I found Patti's blog, I have been blessed with another wonderful angel friend.

Wishing for all ~ a multitude of angels and blessings. Hoping that I may have touched you in some way with this post and that perhaps I will have touched someone new that especially needed a gentle word, an uplifting of spirit.


Patti said...

OH MY what an amazing, complex post, the depth is startling, warming and leaves me with questions - why is it hard to look at that photo, why would someone you shared your writing with ask you why? The photographs and art are beautiful, as usual, and I'm the lucky one! sending hugs and angels!

winnsangels said...

Thank you Patti. The questions - a long story. At one point I started writing very much like an auto-biography. It was complex. Everything was tied so tightly together. I am trying still to unravel all the pieces, even though I gave up that writing to pursue mixed media art. The writing was very healing. It was exactly what I needed when I was doing it. The person who asked "why" was a "helper". I believe he felt the words I was writing should be kept private. Maybe I am wrong. I have made mistakes in sharing too much information. Friends with whom I shared the writing said often that I wear my heart on my sleeve. They also said my writing was mysterious. I have learned much. The air of mystery was positive but it typically left people with many more questions. I suppose just like your questions now.
The picture ~ let me say I was TOO trusting of an individual with whom I should not have been so trusting. I did not even realize what was happening. Everything worked out all right. I learned who my true friends are, as much as a person can, in one moment(span) of time. I learned to be more diligent about what I say and to whom I say it. I have learned above all else that I must nurture myself before I can nurture any one other being. Some might say it is selfish. I know it is necessary for self preservation.

Hoping I have answered your questions to some extent.
Angels be with you beautiful Patti.

Susan Tuttle said...

heart on your sleeve is a good thing me thinks -- i have learned that we just need to share it with the right folks.

what do you think?


winnsangels said...

I agree totally Susan.

Thanks for your visit. Still trying to think of an appropriate photo for "abundance". The only thing coming to mind right now is that I have an abundance of photos with which to play. :D

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