Wednesday, May 13, 2009

walking on a tightrope

Being saved by light and art

I found the following words in my archived writings. I believe I used to have them as the profile for my blog. Just thought they would be kind of neat to share.

"Creativity allows my voice to float up in echoing reverberations from that place in my soul where emotions thrive. It gives wings to my words, flight to my thoughts.
Creativity allows my hands to share a piece of my heart with those who take time to see. Nature brings inspiration ~ colours and sounds, taste and touch.
I thank God for this gift ~ this wonderful gift of creativity, the wind in my wings"

But about that tight rope - the page I started this morning tells a little about it.

Art has once again been my saving grace. After noticing a post of my friend Dale Anne I decided to do this little book of my own. I used some cards that probably came from a birthday card reminder holder. Each had a month on it. Numerous scraps and interesting pieces of paper and magazine clippings to name a few, made up the book. I was so happy to actually complete the project as I have not been doing that very often lately.

Angels be with you dear friends. Hoping you may "discover abundant colours of life".


Dale Anne said...

I LOVE this mini book!!!
YOU have inspired me to make one of these a week - using up stuff I've been saving for ???? Just to keep me motivated and inspired while working on a tight time line!!!
Have a GREAT weekend...

windy angels said...

What a good idea to aim for one a week. I may try it also.
You have a GREAT weekend too.

Susan Tuttle said...

what a gorgeous mini book my friend -- and that quote from your archives -- a wonderful inspiration this morning:)

windy angels said...

Thank you Susan. Glad to inspire.

Anonymous said...

Darling Angel.. out of the darkness come your brightest, most beautiful creations! Sweetheart, you are excelling yourself & it's so wonderful to see! :D This book should be in everyone's home! So very beautiful, as is the Autumn Richness that fell through my letterbox & brought me such Joy :D
I am here, never far away from you & so privileged to be so. Many Angels, sweetheart, and much, much Joy to you. Shine On!!
Letter. Soon! ;) Love You xXx Suze

Cris Melo, of said...

Your artwork is SO inspiring, Wendy! Thank you for sharing your heart and talent with us!

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