Friday, February 20, 2009

wishing you a weekend with joys to outweigh the sadness

Creative collage with crowabout has been a place I've not visited for ages. I DID have a special interest in the week 19 images. Finally I finished, I think ;), this art journal page - "art reminds us to live life". I used mainly images from the group but the middle picture on the top was a contact paper transfer from a magazine. I thought it added some colour and flair to the page. The nest is another of my own images.

I am thinking it was the images of the eggs which especially attracted me. I love most birds. They remind of, and bring to me, angels. I was fortunate to capture a few pictures of these lovely grouse on the weekend when we were visiting at our farm.

My brother informed they have been enjoying that particular tree over the past few days. While we knew grouse are in the area, over the past many years, we have never before seen them in the tree so close to the house. The evening before there were ten birds in the tree at one time. BEAUTIFUL!

I captured the more common bohemian waxwings a few days later after a morning walk - returned with the camera. I love the sound these birds make as they make themselves "drunk" on the red berries of the mountain ash trees. They come in huge quantities, gorge themselves till all the trees in the area are bare. Then they move to some other remembered location to once again gorge.

These photos are not very clear. The birds seem to elude me when I come with camera in hand. Perhaps some day I will have patience and a better zoom on my camera that I may have better luck with the birds.

This next photograph just shows some really neat pictures I found in a vintage bird book I acquired last summer. I think they are so cool.

Finally a note to check my etsy shop where I have done some relisting and am starting to put more listings. I hope to have some totally new pieces soon.

And don't forget my little autumn richness book on sale at Blurb. You can find it in the right side-bar here also. Just click and it will take you directly there. Friends which have viewed the book locally are astonished with the pictures. If you love autumn, I know you will love this little book.

wishing you a weekend with joys to outweigh the sadness
angels to be with you


Tess said...

Thosae chairs look so inviting. I find I have trouble capturing photos of the many birds that visit my back yard also. I do love trying though. Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting post. I'll be checking more of yours as time allows.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Wendy,
That journal page is gorgeous. I love learning about the different birds, and I spend so much time lately noticing all the different kinds. It's funny but I didn't used to notice as much when I was younger, but now I see them all the time. I will pop over to your etsy shop.

You know every Saturday Bev from How Sweet The Sound has a thing called Pink Saturday. Over hundred people post pink things every Saturday. It's a great way to meet new people and for them to find you.

All that you have to do is let Bev know on Thursday if you will be participating on Saturday.

Stop by mine over the weekend and you'll see. Also, her web address is:

Have a great weekend.



Tammy said...

Love the journal page!!!

turquoise cro said...

Here I am finally!!! Thank YOU for visiting! I LOVE birds soOOOOOo I know how thrilled YOU were to take these bird pics and Congrats! on your Beauty Full Book!!! I especially LOVE the old church with the sunshine coming thru! All of it LOOKs awesome! I want to make a book sometime whenever I can get my pics and words all together. I just have to make the time sometime! UG! EnJOY today! xo, Cinda

Dawn said...

Love your pics - just gotta say, every morning I wake to the sound of a greater spotted woodpecker in the tree out the front of my house - I see him, rush to get the camera but so far have not managed to photograph him - it is like he knows that the camera is about, so i have come to the conclusion that he is camera shy!

las palabras mágicas said...

Hello!!!So you have moved to your new web home! i wish you lots of joyful moments in this new blogging adventure. It's a beautiful place as usual. It seems that it is giving you more space to express yourself in different aspects, you've opened the windows to let fresh air in and letting your personality flow better. I'll love to come and visit, it has such a welcoming atmosphere. The design is brighter and happy, I like it, though I'll miss the blue bottles a little bit! Well, I haven't sent you a song for a while, so this one's for you:

Besides the links and comments about art journaling and creative sites keep the lazy me inspired.

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