Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday sunlight

Sunday sunlight

I love how the sunlight beams down in our kitchen. The large south facing window allows that to happen. The blue bottles sit atop the microwave just in front of the window and there are some stained glass pieces and crystals hanging from the window frame. When the sun is shining and things are just right, well, I can feel "just right" too.

When The Sun Shines
When the sun shines
The snow
Has such a magical sparkle
You can imagine you are a fairy princess
Flitting carelessly over the snow.

When the sun shines
The crystals and stained glass
Hanging in the window
Put magical spots of color
On the pale yellow walls.

The small birdhouse
Of tiny mirrored tiles
Sets coins of light
On yet another pale wall.

Each spot of color
And coin of light
“I am here with you -
No need to be frightened.”

When the sun shines
The colors are so intense
They nearly take your breath away.

The hoar frost is like something
You thought you could only imagine.

The intense red
Against the brilliant blue sky
And part of the earthy, rough tree branches
Must be something more
Than food for waxwings.

Something more
Than the fruits of a tree.

When the sun shines
And we see “God’s promise”
In the rainbow,
For that instant in time
We know that all is well.

© Wendy Burton
written in 2004

HOPE Abounding

Life can be filled with so much colour, so much brightness, so much joy. We need only to look within our hearts, look all around us, look in the eyes of our friends. At first we may see pain and sadness, in ourselves AND in others, but that means we must only dig more deeply. I am sharing some simple journal pages I did on the weekend. The first is called savour.


The next pages are infinite possibilities and lack of enthusiasm.

infinite possibilities/ lack of enthusiasm

The last is called life.

life ~

I could not find my regular journal book the day I wanted to do these so I just grabbed one of the old books which I had begun to prepare for altering. Now it will be another art journal book.

I'll be drawing for the OWOH later today and announcing the winners tomorrow.
angels be with you


Tess said...

I loved your journal pages. And the message your post sent to me today. Happy Wednesday, Tess

windy angels said...

thanks Tess. happy Wednesday to you too,

Dawn said...

Your poetry is beautiful Wendy, you colour the world as you paint the picture with your words - you describe it so perfectly and then you go and create journal pages which are fab in their simplicity - YOU ROCK!

windy angels said...

thanks Dawn. you are such a sweetie

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