Friday, January 16, 2009

a walk at sunrise

finally warmer weather
I walk
as the colours blossom
angels dance
weaving about
through the clouds
I sense
angels feel
strife of the world
try to bring calm

I walk
as the colours blossom
think of dance
with the angels
trying to bring peace
to a world
at unrest

(even if only within)

© Wendy B Burton


Anonymous said...

Lovely words. They bring me happiness and sadness at the same time. The thought of the colors of sunrise lift my heart. The thought of the state of the world weighs it down. If we could all find some of that peace within ourselves, then we'd see huge good changes in the world around us. It's really the only way.

I'm loving your new blog. GREAT background!! I am right with you on the "seeing with your heart." That's always been a very personal phrase for me. Thank you so much for your supportive comments! May angels be with you as well ~ * ~ Serena Pia

windy angels said...

thanks Serena. I agree about finding peace in our hearts as being the only way.

glad you like my new blog.
I am planning some give aways and interviews so stayed tuned.


Dawn said...

Wendy what a way you have with words, this poem is beautiful and melancholy....
You are doing a great job with your journal; that was, make that IS my word for the year, yet to start, should start NOW but need to build up my confidence, don't ask why, just feel that I need to lol. Not that confidence should have anything to do with it!
Anyway once again LOVE your poem xx

windy angels said...

thanks Dawn. I've done quite a lot of writing, in past few years mostly. I just realized I accidentally deleted the blog which had lots of my writing on it. that was a few weeks ago. I'll have to post some of those stories and poems here. I get the feeling you might benefit
hugs and angels,
keep warm this weekend, try some journaling ♥

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