Saturday, January 10, 2009

about orange

Does the colour orange mean anything to you? Some people are familiar with colour theory and would have some answers to the question. Others might look it up on google and see what the colour is about. However, I can almost guarantee that the colour orange means something totally different to me than it does to anyone else. You may have seen my poem before. If you have, please choose to read it again. It is a good reminder about, about what? I suppose one could say about challenges, about life. The poem speaks hugely of what I am about. Please do not take it lightly when you read it. Read it with an open heart. Read it with a heart willing to accept. Read it with a heart willing to learn.

When I was a child
With diabetes,
I grew to hate
The colour orange.

The sugar in my body
Needed testing.

Meant sugar,
Too much

And now -
I envision lines,
And lines,
And lines,
In the record book,
Lines of orange.

As a child with Diabetes
Went through my mind
About these lines of orange
In the Record Book?

They were always present.
I probably did not even recognize
Any interspersal of beautiful blue,
Or calming green.

For perfection?
Striving to erase all those lines,
Of orange,
Which could never
Be erased.
Striving to erase the lines
Of imperfection
Which would be
Part of me.

Today -
I can truly appreciate
The colour orange.

Now I understand
It represents joy.
I work towards Joy.
I strive for it.
I strive
For more imperfection.
The striving
Is not easy.

Forever will live in me -
Those lines and lines
Of the colour orange.


Julie - Pink Paris Match said...

Hi Wendy! Great blog! Beautiful poem!
Nice to see you blogging!

windy angels said...

thanks Julie. You'd actually left a comment at my previous blog called windyangels. I'd never gotten back to you.
I've put your link here now too.

MizCarla said...

Hi Wendy!!
I second everything Julie said.

Welcome to blogland--your's is lovely!! I've added your link to mine.


Leanne Lonergan said...

Hi Wendy,
Beautiful poem. It is so true that while colours may have universal meanings our individual experiences will also govern our reactions emotional reactions to them. I am glad that you are now able to feel a little of the joy that orange brings!
Take care my friend

windy angels said...

Thanks MizCarla,
I'll get your link up shortly.

windy angels said...

thanks Leanne,
I hope you are having a beautiful summer,
angels be with you, and many rainbows,

Anonymous said...

I want to learn! Beautiful, Joyful Orange :D Loving the result of all your hard work, darling Angel (of Winn's ~ LOVE that name! :D)~ I shall be Ginny... (remind me, please!)
Have to remark on your playist - Enya accompanied my visit to Misty Mawn (via your link. how I love that girl & her gorgeousness) and then I heard Roger Whitaker!! Oh My Goodness. Suddenly I was 10 years old again! :D I loved listening to 'the whistling man'!
Thank you for all your loveliness, sweetheart. Many good things will come of these changes :D
Much Love & Many, Many Angels....
Warmest Hugs,
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

alright Ginny :) I'll look forward to that time.
I feel very positive about this year, about this new blog, my book and my etsy shop.
I know what you mean of the playlist - and I'm finding more songs each time I visit someone that has one.
I so look forward to "seeing" your new place. I DO know it will be filled with much love and many angels
sending much love and many angels to you too dear beautiful Suze.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Wendy,
You are such an amazing and inspiring lady!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem and your thoughts of wisdom.

Come check out my latest book giveaway.


windy angels said...

Thanks Susan. You are very kind.

I think I have just ordered one of your books from our local bookstore BUT a giveaway sounds exciting.

Wendy xo

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