Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life--learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
Robert Fulghum

from Inspiration Peak

looking for balance

I made this journal page on Saturday evening when we were in a hotel in Saskatoon. It is done mainly with watercolour crayons and pencils. My diabetes has been a problem. I have seemingly forever been trying to balance my blood sugars. Even though I wrote the poem "orange", I have just recently come to realize I focus far too much time on those blood sugars - trying to balance them. Hmmm, so much for trying for imperfection. Another area in which I seek balance is in my need for relaxation. I have a very difficult time stilling my thoughts. I have a difficult time with not rushing. There seems to be a huge tendency to try to accomplish near everything yesterday. I have been trying, not with complete success, to take ten minutes every day to sit quietly. That is one of the changes I have made recently to affect that area of balance.
Since I made the journal page on Saturday I have been thinking again about balance. I found the above quotation. I also decided to do a google search on the words "balance blogs". I was fortunate to discover

create a balance, which looks really interesting. I will want to return there. Stacey is actually doing a give away.

From there I found the fabulousHave you encountered SARK in the past? I have. What a wonderful lady she is. I LOVE her books. I had actually forgotten about SARK until I recently learned that some of my friends on facebook are fans. I will be looking for her books in the library again just to be reminded of her fabulous approach to life.

I have tried to make the above page and this one in the SARK style. I think I will be trying to view balance with a bit less of a critical eye in the future. I will hope to remember to view myself far less judgmentally.


Carmen said...

Beautiful journal page.

HeArt Collective said...

its funny that i just finished reading a sark book that i bought during one of her talks last summer. i decided that my word for this year would be "succulent" and now i keep bumping into SARK everywhere i turn... i wonder what that means... hmmmm...

good luck striking that balance.

KV Creative Designs said...

I love SARK! She is soo inspirational!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and making such sweet comments!

Artful Blessings,

windy angels said...

thanks for stopping by Carmen. Your compliment is appreciated.

windy angels said...

hi Jul
How cool that there is such an interest in SARK and that you have chosen "succulent" as your word for this year. Bopped by your blog for a second and marked myself as follower. I'll take MORE time once I've got my own OWOH give away announced.

thanks for the wish for luck finding more balance. Oh, and love the fact that you describe yourself as a goofball lol (wish I could do that)
angels be with you,
Wendy xo

windy angels said...

Thanks for the comment Kathryn. I'd forgotten that you met SARK at last years convenzione. I'm envious.

Oh YES to the big purple crayon. I was looking for something goofy for this post yesterday BUT could not find anything. SAD - I know. I'll have to remedy that.

angels be with you,
Wendy xo

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