Friday, October 19, 2012

autumn ramblings 7

a time when ~

i am ever grateful for the choice of spending time outdoors creating, if only for a brief time
while our summer weather was magical
early autumn 

i am happy to have shared my desire with my beloved to sit outside, read
while i did some creating.
so rare for him to do.
on our spectacular last weekend of september, saturday.

for then the weather changed.

the snow capped the roof of the garage viewed through the window.
the pumpkins.

the one misplaced favourite mitten needed to be found
"now" before venturing outdoors.
consideration given a number of times those evenings to the need for ice grippers
to keep safe from falling
as happened number of times that year
how long ago?

yet the delphinium stands, two
and the chives
between the garage wall and the cement path stones
ever beautifully
reminding me of how strong i am
how i can stand beautifully too
sometimes through the most difficult conditions.


seven stars for ramblings seven 
my mind strays 
wondering if what i have to say here merits the wonderful number.
loving the number seven.


"indian summer" waltzes in
amazing me, others
once again everyone outdoors
smells of barbecuing meat
knowledge it may very quickly go out 
with the west wind blowing
big grin with every breath
not caring of our longing for yet another warm day
brilliant sunlight bringing autumn richness
knowing of our need for change of the seasons
yet such angst within as the mood swings 
with every touch of winter approaching
winter approaching.

i am amazed at the honking of the geese to the east
gathering geese
hundreds if not more honking
flying in groups silhouetted
in the distance.

i wonder as i make the road trip to city alone
yet with guides, many.
forecast for cloud filled day.
sunlight peeking, beaming through for me
most of my lone way.
i return home
at that golden hour of light perfect.
again wondering at how the light seems for me alone
as the forecast still says cloud prevails.
i offer words of praise, thanksgiving
observing more silhouettes, ducks, yet more ducks.
water sparkling as the wheels take me by.

i mimic the chickadees high above in the trees
as once again i try to snatch moments outdoors
often with warm jacket about me as i waited too long those days 
to honour myself.

morning walks are about donning cabled gray tights
sage green cords, warm sweaters, denimy blue "barn" jacket, also in cord
blundstone boots, those favourite stripey mittens, lost one found, though not by me
and red soft hat. not usually my colour but being brave these days.
besides, it was handy.

as the wind continues
so i continue to wonder
wishing for more wandering through nature, mindfulness, creating.
some day some time.

 angel blessings dear ones.

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