Friday, September 28, 2012

autumn ramblings 3

yesterday was about a drive to the city. it was about more than that, but i have only this much time to ramble today. what an absolutely gorgeous day for a drive. many years our frost comes early and the big winds follow, leaving much missed regarding autumn leaves. not the case this year. the sunlight, the warmth, the more recent gentle winds, have allowed for a wonderful display of autumn richness. i sometimes long for that desire to snap, snap, snap photos and still more photos. sadly the energy is not there. the muse wants to take me just that close to inspiration and then leave me straggling.

yet the most important thing is ~ i am not rushing by. 

the most important thing is ~ i am not agonizing 
about the camera 
being far from the ready. 

the most important thing is ~ i am ready to rejoice 
at the beautiful sun kissed leaves, 
the rich tapestry of trees, with sparkling waters 
holding just the right amount of glimmer.

the most important thing is ~ i am able to feel 
the excitement of another's joy 
as she observes first time 
the white shining hue of snow geese 
as they gather and lift, 
just above the road on which we travel. 

the most important thing is ~ 
my eyes and head allow me 
to glimpse the majesty of the eagle 
as he sits on an otherwise bare tree 
at waters edge.

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