Sunday, June 24, 2012

June rushing by

Seems as though June has been rushing by. I can hardly believe that today is June 24 already. It is kind of a special day. Today would have been my parents 65th wedding anniversary. Makes me think about having lost my Dad in February and also about the wonderful love my Dad and Mom had for each other. That love remained until the end.
Through the month of June I have been reminded of my own love for my parents and the importance of family. Ten of us were able to gather on June 16 for a short time to celebrate my Mom's 88th birthday. Father's day followed the next day. The day came with its challenges because of the memories and other reasons. However, I have sensed my Dad's presence in numerous ways. Sometime earlier in June I was blessed with the visit of a baby dove which seemed to feel little concern of my coming near. The baby stayed close for a time and I was able to gain what strength and contentment I was able.

Butterflies have also been in close proximity quite often and while they seem not interested in having their pictures taken, I am reminded of the transformations happening so much over the past months.
 I pause to realize that these wonderful large butterflies would not be so visible if we did not have the multitude of perennial flowers and trees in our yard which my own husband and I spent years on planting, loving and nurturing. Love.
Also if I did not spend so much time outdoors as I do, those butterflies would not be so apparent to me. I LOVE the outdoors and nature. But you already probably know that. As the days go rushing by, this month I find whatever opportunity I am able to be with nature, with the sun shining down or the clouds biding their time. The wind sometimes speaks to me. Sometimes I have no patience to listen, other times I try to sing along.
Trips to Saskatoon can sometimes be stressful. We try to make them as relaxed as we are able. Last Friday allowed for a visit to the Mendel Art Gallery in which we only spent a little bit of time, but we purchased some fancy sandwiches and went to the park area close to the river. Relaxing. Mindful. Sunshine glorifying.

Art has been sporadic though I have found some time to paint with total abandon on our front sidewalk.

And these two journal pages have also been a part of my recent creativity.

I now have nearly everything packed after numerous decisions and much thought, for my retreat at Manitou Beach. I will be mainly away from the computer so will be back to you after my return. 

Angel blessings dear friends.

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