Thursday, June 7, 2012

going home


 As I was thinking last night about what to say with this journal page post, I began to realize there is much more to it than what I first realized. I had done most of the page a few weeks ago when my Mom was ready to be discharged from hospital. The doctors were trying for two weeks to sort things with her condition and dissolve the clots in her lungs. We were all so happy to hear of Mom's return to a more comfortable place with her health. Words of a nurse I spoke with one day saying Mom was "cute", encouraged me to know she would be going back to the nursing home soon, a place where she has been very comfortable and seems quite happy from what we can tell.

After my Dad had gone to his final beloved home in February, the news of my Mom's major difficulty with breathing only a couple of months later, was extremely tough to take in. My own sense of home has been shaken, at times much more than I would even like to think about.
 Knowing that I have art supplies, a talent and love for creating, as well as a love of life, has helped a great deal for me to remember that I am comfortable and my home is in my heart.

My family, friends and so many angels surround me to bring comfort, to keep me in "my home". 
Angel blessings to each and every one of you.

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