Sunday, January 23, 2011

something different

from me.

I had encountered some mixed media artists in the past year or two that have been doing different sorts of things with jewelry. I was intrigued. Also I have observed that people sometimes are more interested in purchasing something they can wear more than something to hang on the wall to decorate a space or to be admired as art. 
Some of the newest mixed media for me involves working with sculpey clay. The above larger beads are my own. These groupings will be worked together to form a beautiful necklace. I will show you another day.

The above necklace is unique, being made with an empty, sterilized insulin vial. I have had diabetes for 50 years now. I am proud of the fact. I am happy to have determined a use for some of the daily medication "waste" and happy to be able to recycle. "Hope" has been a very important word to me all along. I hope that you have found a place for it within your heart as well.

More jewelry parts made with sculpey clay.

Now I am away to more adventures with creating.
Angels be with you my friends.


Sheryl said...

Wendy!!! I absolutely LOVE the Hope necklace.

winnsangels said...

Thanks Sheryl.

Dale Anne Potter said...

LOVE these Wendy!
I would LOVE to purchase one of the vial necklaces....actually just the front piece as I can't wear metal, but I could put on leather or a silk cord. With JOY or DREAM or your HOPE inside.
Tell me how much!!!

Gunnels blog said...

Yes, I like this too! Very beautiful!

winnsangels said...

Thanks to each of you. My hope will be to create much more jewelry in the next months.

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