Thursday, January 27, 2011

light bright

If you are newer 
to my little community here 
you may not be aware 
of how much I love sunlight,
how much I need sunlight, 
how much sunlight
brings me joy
and other things.

light bright
glow within
my heart this day
bring me warmth
bring me patience
bring me comfort
bring me courage
dearest light bright


Suzie Q said...

sending the brightest of light ~ as much as you can cope with! :) Love this post, sweetheart. Having a very confused time of it. So sad after all my Christmas positivity :( BUT, have discovered a real passion for felting - so unexpected & so exciting! I was trying to find my way to my blog when I found myself here :D So glad!

Bathe in the light, sweetheart, and keep spreading the Joy :)

Love you so xXx Angels, always...

La Dolce Vita said...

oh yes, light is so important and glorious!

Bo Mackison said...

Lovely yellow, lovely brights. I am so fortunate, heading to the Southwest desert for a 2 month reprieve from winter gray very soon. Will send you thoughts of sunny sun!

winnsangels said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. Bo, I will look forward to receiving those warming thoughts. Yes, you are very fortunate. I will dream of being there with you.

Amy said...

Sunlight means alot to me too. I never understood how much until I moved out of my mother's house in sunny Texas with its many huge windows to Spokane, where it is cloudy often as not and the houses are built with smaller windows and less of them, so that what little light there is does not come in as much as it could. It has affected me powerfully--I am addicted to sun these days, desperate to soak it in when I can.

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