Friday, October 15, 2010

serendipitous sunset

serendipitous sunset
sliding serenely 
into the sea

sending shivers
through my spine

Ah, how sensuous ~ 

Actually I live in the wide expanse of prairie in central Saskatchewan. Sometimes the autumn golden fields look more like a wide expanse of sea. 

 And truly our province is diverse.

Wishing you much saffron serendipity as you traverse the autumn pathway.


Bo Mackison said...

Love these autumn photos. What inspiration - rather other-worldly and so luminous.

winnsangels said...

Thanks Bo. I tend to other-worldliness.

Mar said...

these pieces and pictures are gorgeous!!! now i have your blog address...and i thank you so much for stopping by mine!!!
and such a nice comment too!

have a great day!

winnsangels said...

Thanks Mar. Great to see you here. And you are very welcome for the comment - totally deserved.

You have a great day too.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Just lovely... sigh.
(btw; I am doing a paint by number exchange if you would like to join in. there will be a group working internationally. I can change the deadline if it doesn't work for you:

Lisa RedWillow said...

Gorgeous/ We have snow. Stay warm this winter. Im already thinking about a warm climate and beach.. Dreams. Have to love them.

Anonymous said...

"Saffron serendipity" - what a lovely turn of phrase! Thanks for sharing!

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