Monday, August 16, 2010

so many projects

Dear sweet friends and followers, and everyone that just happened to stop by ~
I am lamenting the seeming departure, at least for this day, of the summer. Summers in Saskatchewan are frequently short. For me, however this one was quite different in that I had SO many projects on the go. Many of these projects were not crafty or art projects, but projects in which I certainly had to gather in all my powerful personal resources. Much of what I was doing required creative energy in communication skills to assist my self and mainly my family, immediate and extended, in working on the path of developmental milestones.
"What of the art creations?", you are asking. They have certainly not fallen by the wayside. Instaed they have assisted hugely in ALL of the other projects.

I have been very much influenced in the past six months or more by the jewelry, and other art of course, of people like Rebecca Sower, Kelly Rae Roberts, and "Danita's Art". More recently I was fortunate to find the book "Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry" by Ronna Sarvas Weltman at a very reduced price. I had not seen Ronna's art previously, at least not that I recalled. In the past few days I have become very excited and inspired by her creations.

Now you know some of the directions my planning and creating have taken. I have the supplies I need to do  jewelry creations with my own art such as Danita and Kelly. That will take a bit more time. Below are pictured a few of my pieces nearly completed. The first are inspired by Rebecca Sower. The last is my own design.

Until next time ~ angels be with you.


Lisa RedWillow said...

Dear Wendy,
I love Love your new creations.
I can see myself in a few of them.'Seems we have been in the same place almost this summer where I have had to use every , almost everything I know and more to stay a float at times. I have asked Why so often only to get the answer.!!!(Faith.. Unfailing Faith ) We will grow so much with each passing season that we need too . I have learned this by prayer and faith alone. Following what I believe in my heart is the only thing that keeps me at peace with the world . He walks with me and beside me . Putting everything at his feet on the cross ,and I have faith and strength today for the journey.
Lots of of Love
Lisa xo
and your thought of more than you know.

winnsangels said...

Ah Lisa. There is so much uncertainty in the world today. Yes, I know of that unfailing faith. Angels be with you as you tread your path beautiful lady.
Much love,

pitymeplease said...

Wendy, I am honoured to have met you. You inspire me everyday! Can't wait till our next meeting!

winnsangels said...

Thanks sweet Tara, :),suspecting not many people have called you that. Can't wait to find you at your new blog (soon as we're back from dial-up at farm). Hopefully can arrange a get-together next week or certainly the following. I miss you too dear.

Danny Connole [my art] said...

these are some awesome creations. i love creativity in all shapes and sizes :]
follow my blog pleaseee, you might like what you see

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