Saturday, May 8, 2010

The good thing

about having a number of works in progress available is - when you do have a larger block of creative time available, you can get right to the art of it.
This is a smaller canvas in progress.

I started on this large piece of wood a number of months ago.

All the other canvases are in various states of creativity. Realize that the bright colours will most likely be covered over by large amount of layers. I paint what the heart needs for colours. As I work on the piece, the colours tend to get much softer and typically much darker.

Works in progress are a very good thing.


Skye said...

Woo-hoo! These look like super delicious first layers!! Looking forward to seeing where they go!
I love your work!
Have a happy & creative Mother's Day!!

Amy said...

These are all gorgeous! I especially love the textures of the first one--how did you do that?

winnsangels said...

Thanks Skye. I did have a very happy Mother's Day.

winnsangels said...

Thanks Amy. The textures - lots of layering in all my multi-media. I'll try to give some ideas for textures over time at my tips and tuts site - keep an eye over there.

Scylliane said...

Your canvas in progress are promising to be awesome ! Keep on track !

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