Friday, October 10, 2008

art journal page for collage play with crowabout
I loved the images provided and actually used every single one. I DID cut the nose and original "hat" off the princess.

background page
I took that one tiny circle and "pasted" it probably about a hundred times using photoshop. two copies were printed and then I cut around and glued. let me know if you are interested and I can send it to you or post it on flickr

before words and extra pen work

final version
I had been thinking of using some glaze yet BUT decided not this time (time as usual being the operative word)

I added my own words, the word "fly" two times and outlined the two times it already appeared. I added an extra crown, outlined the one I had used for my cousin ;) gave that other ancestor some wings to fly and did some more outlining.
detail right side

detail - left side

please take a moment to check my previous post for three more journal pages I recently completed. I was inspired even more to do journalling after viewing Lia's video. Enjoy.


Susan Tuttle said...

Such beautiful journaling! Thank you for sharing these pieces!


windy angels said...

Thanks Susan. I LOVE journaling. Great way to practice techniques AND say what's on my mind.

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