Monday, October 27, 2008

I choose courage
the previous week's prompt at inspire me Thursday was nervous. these days I have a hard time relating to that thought. I decided that the opposite of "nervous" would much rather suit my present state of mind. this art journal page reflects that choice, together with a tiny touch of what "nervous" has done to me in the past.

a couple of journal pages from recent days. we've had very much wind and so i start thinking. all my own words

a couple of sunset captures from late Saturday afternoon on our way home from Saskatoon

my good buddies relaxing in the sun

The world does not remember us by our style or by our wit; it does not remember us by our knowledge or our words; no, the world remembers only one thing: The world remembers love.

Author Unknown
Inspiration Peak


suesviews said...

Much Love to you, dear Angel xXx
Adore the photo of Billy & Smudge :) and all of the posts I've been missing! You've done some very beautiful work :)

Hope you're having a special time...

Warm Hugs & Angels, always,
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks so much for the visit. I can only imagine how busy you are.
I received your card this a.m. Thank you. The dove is so precious to me, as you know.
I'm having a terrific artful day :)
Many angels being sent your way, together with thoughts and prayers.
Birthday greetings to N. for his day coming up (if he knows who I am ;)


suesviews said...

Bless you, darling. Of course he knows who you are! Thank you for thinking of him. You are too kind! ;)
Glad to hear you had a well-spent day :D Many Happy Returns, sweetheart.

Suze xXx

las palabras mágicas said...

Hello dear! Your two buddies are really an inspiration. They know firsthand about the good life.

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