Friday, September 19, 2008

transfers: I had promised a tutorial about gel transfers a while ago and I am working on that at this moment. In the meantime I thought I'd present a bit of info about tape or contact paper transfers. These are so simple to do and are really terrific for someone that cannot get their hands readily on golden gel medium. I had been doing tape transfers quite some time ago but was left frustrated by the limited size. Last spring I acquired Claudine Hellmuth's first book (Collage Discovery Workshop), which I absolutely love.

Claudine recommends the use of contact paper, as easily accessible as tape. the size is so much greater.
You get an idea of the method from the image I show but in case you cannot read it or do not know what to do:
1. apply the contact paper or tape to the image.
2. burnish well.
3. soak the image in water, in either a dish, pan or the sink.
4. after a few minutes remove from the water.
5. rub the paper off with your fingers.
6. if there are white bits left on you may like the image as is. If not you can
soak again and rub some more.
7. apply the art to your mixed media piece or save for exactly the right time. If you are uncertain of where to place it, you can just rub it on to get idea of the effect. It can then be moved. When you are certain of the placement you can glue on.

Here are some examples of some tape transfers I have used. The first is from an altered book page. The tape transfer is the lady on the bottom right corner.


The second is a large picture of one of our pet kitties from a number of years ago. The transfer itself is nearly 8" x 10". I used a number of lengths of packing tape.

On this recently completed journal page I have not yet glued down the small tape transfer. I may just leave it without tape so that I can move it as I please.

I had only to look. She was there -

And the final one is done more recently with contact paper. I may need to do some heavy duty pressing as there is quite a wrinkle in it lol Perhaps just meant to be.

VINTAGE ART JOURNAL - breaths - incomplete

If I don't see you again this weekend ~ have a great one.
Angels be with you

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las palabras mágicas said...

Hello! Today I came to visit. Mmm, I have to try that.
Looking forward to our swap.

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