Monday, August 18, 2008

for a path
the right path

For week 2 of crowabout's collage challenge I have altered quite radically some of the images. I used photoshop to do a smoke effect on lots of the images and then I took a chunk of the page of images and used a stained glass effect also. I glued most of the images to this scrapbook journal page and used just a bit of ink to balance the colour in the areas which had nothing else.

On the above photo I used watered down acrylic paint (inexpensive type) to balance the colours.

With many of the elements I made more than 1 copy. I especially liked the flower so chose to use different sizes and applied them after the balancing paint.

On this picture you can see that I chose to practice my transfers with the image of the eyes. I am still really learning. Many of these did not show up very well. I believe the image was too dark with the background also quite dark. I think they actually show up better on the photo than for real. lol

I really liked this partial face of the young lady. I had determined that I wanted to add on. I wanted to use text for the rest of the body and decided to use repetitive words from my verse for the collage. I was excited to remember the "lsleaves" font I had uploaded some time in the past and use it fo the paper for the rest of the extension.

The final photo shows that I also used transfers for the words I had composed for the page.

As I have a couple of major projects planned and started at the moment, besides trying to reorganize after the fire and an "on the go" summer, I probably won't be doing the crowabout challenge for a couple of weeks. I have to see how everything goes and how my energy levels balance. My etsy shop, I think it's still there lol is hugely in need of some attention also.

angels be with you dear friends

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