Sunday, May 4, 2008

On a May day: These photos were all taken on last Thursday evening. I was at St. Pete's with a friend. There are no classes at this time. The beautiful wooden floors, the tall old windows, the light at just the right height shining in - a fabulous set up for photos. Ummm - I feel so pleased to know, to recognize, these opportunities and take advantage. I hope you like them too. I've some more. I'll share them another day.

Another new video - this one is totally different. It is only my landscape photographs together with a song of St. Peter's Chorus. St. Peter's Chorus celebrated it's 40th anniversary last year. I have been with the chorus for the past 29 years, only having missed a few years in between. I love to sing. This particular song is one of those we did for Saskatchewan's centennial year in 2005. It is a song written especially for Saskatchewan's centennial by Stan Garchinski. For those that may not be aware you can get a full screen view by clicking someplace on the video which will take you to its homepage. Then just below the video on the right side is a little square which you can click on for full view size. I believe there is also a place to click where it says "watch in high quality". There are at least four of the photos where you can see the moon. I believe they are all on the left side just a bit above horizon.

Please enjoy my video. See more of them at my channel.


KarenHarveyCox said...

I love how you have all of your videos on a separate page. I especially love the on where you are creating the carved stamp. Your dog and cat are so cute, I don't think I have ever seen a dog and cat play like that. Your music is wonderful. Have a lovely day. Blessings, Karen

BlueJude said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing and Happy Tuesday Windy!

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