Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just wanted to say:


Happy May Day


I also wanted to share with you another fabulous blog which I had found a few weeks ago and then forgotten about. The blog is that of "the colour guru" from Australia. I especially love the most recent slideshow Keron recently completed. AND I am totally green with envy because she mentions something of an art retreat with Misty Mawn. Sigh.

I was hoping to introduce another video and more items to my etsy but... Well, I'll say I was trying to fly. You can interpret it any way you want (:

I think I just figured out that I have swacks too much vintage material to be working with right now. YES! I shall not be bored for another few centuries, as if.

Must toodle ooh. I'll leave you with this image of a project I'm not certain about - if I'm finished or not. What do you think of it? It says something of which I must reassure myself frequently.


purplepaint said...

I love this canvas piece! The sentiment and the girls' body language - perfect! I also love your birdhouse painting! Beautiful! Marva

las palabras mágicas said...

Happy May Day. Nice colours as well. It must be so much fun to create these pieces

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