Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am so very excited. I have put my very first video on youtube. I had so much fun making it. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it. I would be very pleased. As always, any comments are very gratefully appreciated. I should point out that the windyangels on youtube is not me. I'm known as windyangels4u.

You can find "Don't Cry for me Argentina" on The Romantic Guitar of Liona Boyd.

As some of you know I was encountering some challenges again later last week. I was also feeling kind of tired with this ongoing attempt at cleaning our basement and my art room. I decided I needed to do some art. I needed to do something simple. While cleaning I had come across a studio scrapbook with "durable manila paper". Unfortunately it had met some water along the way so every page has a stain at the top left side - no matter. I will choose to call these journal pages even though the pages are large (35.6 x 27.9 cm).

Think Happy Thoughts

Think Happy Thoughts

I decided to do a video surrounding the piece because I had many ideas to go along with it and I had written a poem in my head also. Perhaps the main reason, however, was the fabulous compliments that my friend Karen has been giving me on my collaged boxes. Ah, I should not fail to mention suziblu who first gave me the strong desire to create an art video. If you have not seen any of suzi's videos I would strongly advise you to take a moment.

Those same boxes and my hand carved stamps had created interest from two new parties ~ Valerie and some folks at the Bliss Guild. I was very honoured to have them comment on a previous post. Other dear friends to comment on that post were Suze, Susan and Janet. I am also pleased to announce that a friend I discovered online, from Saskatchewan, has started a new blog and has invited me to put a link on my blog. Welcome Lisa. Lisa does fabulous photography.

Leah never ceases to amaze me. Not only is she the creator of creative every day 2008, she also leaves frequent comments. Thanks Leah.

I cannot close this post without noting that I have been very privileged to have the fabulous Liona Boyd look at my blog and very kindly permit me to use one of her songs on my video. I am deeply honoured. Thanks Liona. Here's the link: www.lionaboyd.com/ I found the following video also on youtube. "Moorish Dance" is from The Spanish Album.

I would like to close this post with the words "I LOVE ART".

Angels be with you,


lila said...

My first visit to your blog. I think making your art journal and the video were a lot more significant than cleaning the studio. The same thing happens to me once I go downstairs to clean!
just being "at home" in the studio leads to creativity!

windy angels said...

Thanks for stopping by Lila. You are so right "being 'at home' in the studio" does lead to marvelous creativity :D

RedWillow Photography , Lisa said...

Morning Wendy,
I hope you have a wonderful day.
You Inspire me Greatly with your Dance. We all Dance to the Tune in our Hearts , Creativty help keep this Dance alive as does photography.
Thanks for adding me to your Blog list . I have added you as well .
Blessings always

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Wendy, So much inspiration always on your gorgeous blog. Congratulations on your award...I was stopping by Suze and I read her post.

You are invited to a World-Wide Giveaway. How nice...just in time for Valentine’s Day. Stop by my post today and leave a comment to enter mine, and follow the yellow brick road to the links to skatey-eight bloggers from around the world who are participating. Have a lovely day. Blessings, Karen

windy angels said...

Thanks Lisa for commenting about the dance. I wasn't too sure. No one else has said anything about it :)
I hope you are having a wonderful day too.
angels be with you,

windy angels said...

Thanks Karen for the heads up on the giveaway. I wish I had time to do a giveaway too. Yipes. Never seems to be time :D Oh well. "To every thing there is a season and a time..."

Leah said...

your video made me smile!! :-)

windy angels said...

Thanks Leah.
Smiles are good =)

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

So like your happy thought!

windy angels said...

Thanks Bonnie. Good to hear.

valerie said...

brilliant well done you I wouldn't even know where to start


sevgi59 said...

I like your blog very much:))
Have Happy Valentine Week
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