Friday, July 20, 2012

childhood dreams

Many of you are probably already aware that I love pinterest. I have chosen to share with you some of  my "dreams" from there. That is much of what pinterest is about to me.


As a child I loved the idea of learning to dance. Growing up on a farm 
in rural Saskatchewan, 
the possibility for dance lessons was remote.
My cousins, who took music lessons, 
were driven every Saturday to Regina, the nearest city, 
about an hour drive away.
I later learned of a dance teacher, 
daughter of one of our friends,
who owned a dance school, also in the city.
Remote. Not possible.
As many from that era did, I adored 
"The Sound of Music".
I recall moments of dancing through our longish dining area 
connected to the living room
as if running through the mountains, over the graceful hillside
as Maria,
perhaps flitting and floating as one of the children,
perhaps twirling and gliding in a Viennese waltz as one of the guests.

I still occasionally do a slow
even less graceful glide 
around our own living room.
Possibilities of learning to dance in a fancier style elude me.
I am grateful for still being able to walk 
and do a slower sort of dance
as neural damage has begun to occur in my feet,
after the long standing diabetes.

Yet I will continue to move as gracefully as I am able
and I will always have dreams
of flitting and floating
gliding and twirling.

Please note that these images are not my own. They are all from my pinterest boards gathered over the internet.

angel blessings my friends

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

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Patti said...

Hi Wendy!!! What a beautiful post and pictures!!! I so relate to Maria running on the hillside- I have had that very same dream. I was so excited to actually be able to visit the Austrian Alps and the SOund of Music locales many years ago- THAT was truly a dream!!! Love following you on FB and Pinterst- hope all is well and take care~~


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