Sunday, February 12, 2012

faces, figures, and more

I continue working on portraits and have decided to begin with that which I have had the least practice ~ figures. About  a week ago I decided to give the vine charcoal a chance for expressive drawings together with the newly purchased white Sennelier pastel. Previously I had been using charcoal pencil and a very inexpensive soft pastel. The soft pastel was NOT working. Consequently I was getting frustrated. Ahhh, the Sennelier was fabulous. And as promised by our instructor, Misty, the vine charcoal is very flowing.

This work in progress is from a reference image ~ 1972 Chatelaine magazine. Blending and final touches required. I love how her eye turned out and am also pleased with initial appearance of her ear.

The beginnings with figures are not quite ready to share. For now I will show an old image I had started ages ago on a piece of foam core. I had prepared the foam core with old papers and covered with a layer of gesso. I need to complete the figure. I will be hoping to share a more finished version sometime in the near future.  

"bringing to me a smile

cheerfully chirruping waxwings
as they chomp
brilliant red berries
from the mountain ash tree"

Some of my favourite music which helps me to be mindful this day:

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