Tuesday, October 20, 2009



e•merge, v.i., e•merged, e•merg•ing. 1. to rise or come forth from or as from water or other liquid. 2. to come forth into view or notice. 3. to come up or arise. 4. to come into existence; develop. 5. to rise, as from an inferior state or condition.


I tread upon this path
might I ever emerge
into the light

I bring you these images as a result of a new challenge presented in the past week called {Echoes}. Susan Tuttle and Chrysti Hydeck, fabulous art friends, have asked us to play with weekly prompts. I love this first one ~ emerge. I am to look for a partner with which to collaborate but I am not certain who I might choose. And so I will work solo for the time being.

To learn more about the challenge please visit either Susan or Chrysti.

man's best friend

Wishing you many angels upon your path.


Gypsy Purple said...

oh..how I LOVE this post!!

winnsangels said...

thank you dear. I am pleased to have you visit.

Shona Cole said...

lovely interpretation on the theme, i love how you combined poetic words with the image, it bring the art to a whole new level!


Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Love the pictures, love the words. Just beautiful

Susan Tuttle said...

this is so visually and spiritually stunning -- i love it!:)

Patti said...

Hi~ I love your blog! All of your posts are so visually and artistically stunning! I can not wait to visit again and see what you are up to. BTW- your emerge poem and image are beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment- it is really appreciated!

winnsangels said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. They are greatly appreciated.

Debrina said...

Stunning images - I love the photos and the digital art. Always nice to meet someone new!

Jennifer White said...

what beautiful shots, Wendy...there is such a light glowing in them, it's just stunning and fits the word "emerge" so very well!

spindelmaker said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.
This is so great, how you explore the Emerge-theme, and I really like what you´ve done with the pictures. I think they illustrate the theme really well, and the text too. It does bring it to another level, as Shona said.

vintage moon studio said...

Very beautifully done ~ Deb

Patti said...

this is your 'emerge' It is fabulous! I am also taking Susan Tuttle's class though I haven't actually started - what was that about procrastination and I plan to participate in some of their challenges as well.
take care and thanks for the reminder about angels.... I have the coolest angel story - if you're interested I'll send you the essay I wrote about the experience. so long!

Colette said...

Hello Wendy. I love how you show transformation here. Beautiful.

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