Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting excited:
The first good news is our daughter did a complete (for the time being anyway) turnaround. This was Wednesday. Cat also sees Naomi and had just seen her last Saturday. It takes a few days sometimes to notice positive effects. Also the proper consequences set in place make a world of difference. Prayer probably had a huge impact too. Thanks if you were one of the many people offering those up.

Just a couple more days until I will have so much more time for art and networking. Lots of my time will be spent networking for etsy but I also hope to visit more of your blogs soon. It probably helps that I received two awards this week and have to find - hmmm - 15 bloggers to present awards to. That's a good thing :D I think I'll be announcing some give aways soon also. Maybe the two can compliment each other.

There's some bit of exciting news with my etsy. Check my shop announcement and recent additions. Once I get networking I may not be able to keep up with it all. HA! I wish. Here are a couple of the places I hope to be networking - etsy groups on facebook and etsy groups on flickr. I've shown my face a bit already on the flickr groups. I'm still a bit uncertain about this whole facebook piece. Sigh. Wish me luck. Also let me know if you are there and I don't have you marked as a friend. You can find me there as Wendy Burton.

vintage finds

tulips for spring

Above are a couple of pictures of a beautiful, thin vintage handkerchief I found in the past week. I love the picture on it and thought it so appropriate for this time of year.

Almost forgot to mention I made my first etsy purchase a little while ago. I so wish I could buy something from each of you but I first have to make more sales myself :D If you can't buy anything from my shop right now I'd truly appreciate if you faved anything you at least like a little bit. I'll be doing the same for you if I know where to find you.

Angels be with you,

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