Sunday, February 18, 2007

Journal pages and painting fabric:
No, I never did get to the antique mall. Sigh. We had to buy lots of groceries and an 8B pencil for Cat (so she said - I can't see the art teacher asking ALL the students to get such a soft, expensive pencil - oh well - not about to get into a fight, I mean disagreement, with her about that - at least I got to use 40% off coupon), and Greg had to get a wrench to cut in half to fix a machine in a close place. I bought some ribbon though. I am excited to do some weaving and embroidery. I'll show you when I can. I got mostly spring colours and colours for flowers. YES!

There is much I would like to say and show. I've been getting lots done, especially fabric painting BUT, the internet is not hi -speed, one of the computers is in my brothers office, warm-up room (temperature wise, not dance or sport warmups), and Cat likes to hog her Dad's lap-top, just beacuase it's a laptop. AND I can't remember how to move the pictures from the camera to this computer AND the scanner is quite, ummm, starnge.

I'm frustrated. Can you tell?

I am having a blast painting fabric though. I'll tell you more another day, returning home tomorrow. I've also started some journal pages and turning an old book into altered. The "hope" journal page is not quite finished. The "dreams - energy" page I am wishing I'd not used the black for the words. Whoops - learning.

Later - more words, maybe some photos.

There are two previous posts with more of the Valentine's postcards. Wonderful that at least one arrived for Valentine's Day.

Hopefully back to your blogs for comments in the next few days. Angels be with you.


BlueJude said...

So glad to see you're doing a journal. Hope you'll share your wonderful art!

suzie q said...

And Angels be with you, too, sweetheart. So glad to see a new post, and to know that you have managed to carry on with your wonderful creations - I love the sound of the painted fabric, and want to try that, too - I really should keep a list to remind me of all these things I want to experiment with!
Safe journey home, my lovely, and hugs for you all. (((xXx))) Suze

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